Syngonium Pink Flecked


*The plant have 5 – 7 leaves
*Free Phytosanitary Certificate
*Free Shipping if purchase over $600
*Safety Packing with Insulation Cover
*Secure payments with Paypal


syngonium Pink Flecked for sale, let’s buy syngonium Pink Flecked at AROIDNURSERY. We can ship plants to USA, ASIA, CANADA and EUROPE. We provide a free phytosanitary certificate and will package the plant safely. Plant delivery does not use soil, but will use sphagnum moss or tissue to keep the roots moist. Please contact us if you want to buy syngonium Pink Flecked in wholesale, we will give you the best price and we can help treat syngonium Pink Flecked .

Process to be carried out after payment:

The first process, we will apply for an export permit to the Ministry of Agriculture to obtain a phytosanitary certificate. Takes 10 – 12 days.
The second process, the Plant Quarantine Agency conducts plant inspections.
The third process, We will pack the plant and make the delivery. Package delivery will take 6 – 7 days to ASIA destinations, 7 – 8 days to USA & CANADA destinations & 8 – 10 days to EUROPE destinations.

Terms of Service:

The seller is in charge of taking care of the phytosanitary certificate. Seller is responsible for inspection in Indonesia. Once the package is shipped, all inspections in the country of destination are the responsibility of the buyer.
The buyer is obliged to provide shipping instructions to comply with the regulations of the destination country, otherwise the seller will use the usual standard and the buyer has no right to sue if there is a problem.
Possible factory damage and shipping risks that must be accepted by the buyer.
If the plant sent is damaged or rotten, a plant replacement will be carried out and the shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.
All forms of taxes and inspection fees in the destination country are the responsibility of the buyer.
The regulations that apply in Indonesia for exports are required to apply for an export permit which is a prerequisite for the manufacture of phytosanitary, so buyers have to wait for an export permit to be issued.
Every shipment made will be subjected to laboratory examination by the Indonesian Plant Quarantine Agency. So the buyer has to wait until the checking is complete.
The process of applying for an export permit and laboratory examination takes about 1-3 weeks.

Shipping Policy:

For the custom clearance process, some countries require taxes to be paid by the buyer. The amount depends on the policy of the destination country. If you don’t pay this tax, the package will be deducted by customs. And this is the buyer’s obligation.

Return and Refund Policy:

Our main priority if there are damaged plants is to replace new plants, in accordance with the terms and conditions. We provide plants for free on condition that the shipping costs are borne by the buyer. This is because damage in shipping is part of the risk of buying live plants.
Must include clear video and photos when opening the package as proof. Also please take a picture of your Phytosanitary certificate on the box.
Refunds are only valid for plants whose condition is completely damaged (leaves, stems and roots). If you just leave, we won’t return the plants. Because it is a shipping risk and is a normal case.
If there is a refund agreement, then the refund is at the factory price value only. So it does not include shipping costs.
Buyers do not condemn and denounce on social media. If this is done, the refund process will be more difficult and maybe we will not refund.