The World's Best Aesthetic Plants are Here

Aroid plants lately are being very loved by lovers of ornamental plants around the world. Because it looks beautiful and is very suitable for interior and exterior home decoration, everyone wants to have aroid plants. There are many types and classifications of aroid plants but we make sure here are the best.

Many Kinds

All types of complete aroid plants we provide for you

Easy to Care

We commite caring for plants regularly with adequate fertilizer and water

Fresh Plant

We always ensure that the quality of the products to be sent is fresh

Aroid Nursery

Aroid was only known at the end of 2019 with the Arum family. Aroid plants consist of aglaonema, anthurium, allocation, caladium, philodendron, and many more. Usually aroid plants are used as ornamental plants in the room.
In Indonesia, ornamental plants grow well and produce high-quality plants. Because aroid plants can grow in various climates, especially in tropical climates.